Civil Construction Machine Manufacturer Ahmedabad, India.
Manufacturer of Civil Construction Machineries, Concrete Paver Machineries for Construction by Unisteel Engineering Works in Ahmedabad, India.
Civil Construction Machine Manufacturer Ahmedabad, India.
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  Cement Mortar Lining Machine, Pan Mixture.


High precision cylinder finisher for concrete slabs such as Streets, Parking, Factory floors, Bridges, Airports, Tennis Courts, Canal, Reservoir etc.
It can finish a width from 3.5 mtrs. To 20 mtrs. ( It is a custom design paver )
Machine can finish a width up to 180 Sq. Meter/hour at suitable site condition.
The special under carriage consists of a spreader extra length auger to spread the concrete to level, the finishing cylinder to compact and finish the concrete to the grade.
Finishing roll bracket is equipped with Electric vibrator.
L & T Make Heavy Duty Track Chain, Heavy Duty Hydraulic Jacks & Moba Make Electronic Sensor
15HP 1440-RPM for Fix Console.
20HP 1440-RPM for under carriage
15HP 1440-RPM for Fix Console.
7.5HP 1440-RPM for under carriage
This hydraulic console controls the forward and reverse movement of the under carriage and the travel track chain by means of hydraulic motors.

Under Carriage accommodates the most critical components of the machine. It encompasses the vibratory finishing drum, Spreader Auger
Optional:- Hydraulic Needle Vibrators

The Under Carriage travels with a speed 30 meters/ minute.

The finishing drum is 4 feet length and 10.7 inches (272mm) in diameter. It rotates at a speed of 195 rpm. The finishing drum vibrates at 1500 vpm. This drum is precisely balance with the help of computerized balancing system to obtain quality finish.
The Auger is welded with hard faced welding to obtain maximum life. The auger is designed to work in the direction of travel movement to the machine.
L & T make heavy duty hydraulically driven Track Chain.
Moba ( Germany) Make Electronic Sensor system to obtain maximum accuracy.
Heavy duty hydraulic jack system.
Fix console: 110 Liters.
Under carriage: 140 Liters.
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