• High precision cylinder finisher for concrete slabs such as Streets, Parking, Factory floors, Bridges, Airports, Tennis Courts, Canal, Reservoir etc.
  • It can finish a width from 3 mts. to 20 mts. (It is a custom design paver)
  • Machine can finish upto 180 Sq. meter / hour at suitable site condition.
  • Light weight construction for easy erection and transportation from site to site
  • The special Under carriage consists of a spreader augar to spread the concrete to level, The finishing Cylinder to compact and finish the concrete to the grade
  • Finishing roll bracket can be equipped with vibrator
  • Machine can be used alternatively for bed and slope finishing canal projects.
  • Special arrangement is made for PVC INSERTER, which can insert longitudinally as well as vertically, and also Groove Cutter arrangement is made, which ever you may require
  • The frame structure is light in weight and therefore very easy for transport and erection.
  • The frames are available in the lengths of 4feet; 8feet and 12feet.These is pin bolted together according to the size of the slab width.
  • RCP-750 can be incorporated in use for a working width between 3mtr to 20mtrs.
  • The paving is carried out with a Vibrating-finishing drum of 4 feet in length and 10.7 inches (272 mm) in diameter.
  • The finishing drum is equipped with vibrator to achieve better finishing.
  • 4 no’s of mechanically adjustable jacks are provided for maintaining the machine level.
  • The forward and reverse motion of the machine is controlled by hydraulically operated bogie.
  • The finishing drum bracket has an ability to swivel at an angle of 20° in either direction to accommodate harsh mix for a quality finish.
  • Leveling screws are used to level the rails on which the machine moves to maintain the smoothness of surface and to avoid irregular paving.
  • Special Curvature which can use in all slop ratio with nominal extra cost, you have only to change Pinch Rail and ready to work for another slop ratio, You can do this without dismantling the paver.
PRIME MOVER 10HP 1440-RPM for fix Console.
10HP 1440-RPM for under carriage.
Fix Console This Hydraulic console controls the forward and reverse movement of the under carriage and the travel bogie by means of hydraulic motors.
Under Carriage/Finisher Assembly Under Carriage accommodates the most critical components of the machine. It encompasses the vibratory finishing drum, Needle vibrators, Spreader Auger.
The Under Carriage travels with a speed 30 mtrs/min.
Vibratory Finishing Drum The finishing drum is 4 feet in length and 10.7 inches (272 mm) in diameter. It rotates at a speed of 195 rpm. The finishing drum vibrates at 1500vpm.This Drum is precisely balance with the help of computerized balancing system to obtain quality finish.
Spreader Auger The Auger is welded with hard faced welding to obtain maximum life. The auger is designed to work in the direction of travel movement of the machine.
Hydraulic Oil Capacities Fix console: 110 liters
Under carriage: 140 liters.
Traction System Traction Drive: Two hydraulically driven flanged wheels bogie.
Traction Speed: Up to 52 feet/min (15.86 mtrs/min).

Frame : All-welded steel, pin-connected mainframe. The frames are available in the lengths of 4feet; 8feet and 12feet.These are bolted together according to the size of the slab width. For working widths beyond 10mtrs over truss assembly is used.

Variable Finishing Widths : The finishing widths of 3.5 mtr to 20 mtrs can be obtained by bolting the frames, which are available in the lengths of 4 feet, 8 feet and 12 feet.

Curvature For any Slope Ratio : Special Curvature for any slope ratio from 1:1, 1.5:1 and 2:1 as per Customer’s Design

Preparation steps :

  • Step 1 : Leveling and compaction of the sub-grade.
  • Step 2 : Erection of the machine.
  • Step 3 : Level of the 50lbs rails with the help of rail setting bolts.
  • Step 4 : After completing the erection the pitch rail on which the undercarriage slides is thoroughly leveled with the help leveling screws provided within the frame.
  • Step 5 : According to the slab height, the finishing drum is leveled with the help of four mechanical jacks.
  • Step 6 : The side panels are erected according to the dimensions specified for the concrete slab.
  • Step 7 : The machine is now ready for paving.
  • After pouring the concrete on sub-grade the machine will move in the forward direction and the Undercarriage moves to and fro in a transverse direction.
  • The Undercarriage completes one cycle when it travels the entire width of the slab to and fro.
  • Spreader augers are used to spread the excess material, which comes in the way of finishing drum.
  • The first pass of the cycle is the compaction pass while the second pass is called the finishing pass.
  • After Undercarriage completes one cycle the machine moves in the forward direction.

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