• Heavy duty paver for concrete slabs as Airport, canal etc.
  • Finishing width from 15 Mts. to 28 Mts. and more
  • Machine can finish up to 150 Mts. sq/hour
  • The special Under Carriage consists of a spreader augar, spreads the concrete to level, the finishing Cylinder to compact and finish the concrete to the grade
  • Machine can be used alternatively for bed and slope finishing
  • Special arrangement is made for PVC INSERTER, which can inserter PVC longitudinally as well as vertically, and also Groove Cutter arrangement is made, whichever you may require
Frame Constuction Heavy duty Frames are made from welded steel panels in standard length of 3.66 Mts. and 2.5 Mts.
Length Variability Frames are pin bolted with each other for quick connection. The total length varies accordingly from 15 Mts. to 28 Mts. Greater length can be supplied.
Prime Mover 15 HP 1440 RPM, Electric Motor for Fix console
15 HP 1440 RPM, Electric Motor for Under carriage
Hydraulic Oil Capacity Fix console: 180 liters.
Under carriage: 102 liters.
Vibrating Finishing Assembly Cylinder: 10 inch diameter, 6 feet long.
Augar 10 inch diameter
Optional Accessaries Trimmer attachment for slop of canal