Mammoth civil engineering projects involving extended financial outlay and gigantic machineries are invariably undertaken by experienced companies whose track record in engineering expertise and an estimable client portfolio not only commands respect, prestige, but also reflects professional caliber.

Today, 72meters width Canal, six-lane highways, Reservoir, and airport runways are built with materials and technology that are on par with the latest techniques in use the world over. Complex structures and gantries forming High Precision Cylinder Finishers, Heavy Duty Concrete Pavers, RC Conveyors, that are deployed to form horizontal surfaces, angular and other shapes in reinforced concrete call for technical configuration of machinery that must be time-saving and cost-effective.

Unisteel Engineering Works possesses distinctive credentials in manufacturing and marketing machineries, and in executing the above-mentioned projects with expertise and to the complete satisfaction of its clientele.


Located at Industrial Area in Ahmedabad, the leading metropolis and industrial hub of Gujarat, India, Unisteel Engineering Works incorporates every facility at its manufacturing plant, including hi-tech executive offices, an ultra modern manufacturing plant with sophisticated Testing, Inspection, and R & D departments to complement an ingenious team of qualified, brilliant engineers and technicians.

Environment, and safety norms are strictly adhered to, and optimum utilization of raw material is routine procedures in an otherwise relaxed, easy but efficient work place.

Company Aims

“Unisteel Engg. Works is committed to manufacture concrete pavement machineries that guarantee optimum performance, and undertake civil engineering contracts to fulfill client expectations in development and finishing of canals, airport runway concrete surfacing, concrete for Reservoir, park and tennis court surfacing, and pre-cast concrete slabs for building and surfacing roads and highways etc.

“Unisteel expects to meet and excel international standards in providing for its clients engineering solutions for projects requiring concrete surfacing.”

Unisteel Motto

“Concrete Solutions for Concrete Lining” is the Company’s slogan— embodying a dedication to technical precision and quality control governing not only the machineries manufactured, but also the engineering know-how and expertise that power all the projects undertaken by UEW.

Real Experiences for R & D

Unisteel’s construction activities as well as manufacturing operations are aimed to ensure that rework is zero—to avoid waste of time and money. In other words, ‘doing it right the first time’ is an in-built attitude and work ethic, which translates to efficiency in performance of man and machine.

Process innovation and ensuring raw material utilization engenders a strong R & D entity, saving financial resources for expansion and export endeavour. The basic denominator is always quality, and the golden rule is safety—Unisteel conforms to all statutory safety norms that regulate manufacture and operations of heavy concrete machine, including on-site safety precautions.

Looking Forward

Unisteel Machineries for concrete paving, layering, finishing, surfacing and lining have been observed and tested by overseas construction experts. Their opinions could have been flattering, but UEW considers them encouraging. 

The Company invites overseas distributors to invest in buying Unisteel Paving Machineries as they have proved to be cost efficient (in spare part endurance and low cost replacements), incorporate energy saving innovations, and easy to maintain. Unisteel also invites strategic alliances for overseas paving contracts and undertaking turnkey projects for construction of canals, airports, highways etc.

Unisteel assures its clients customer care allegiances and delivery of optimum product performance, including concrete solutions beyond 21th century.